Handbook: A guide to understanding journal statuses

A guide to understanding journal statuses

For every author, the time from a manuscript’s submission to final decision is perhaps the most nail-biting time! But worry not, there’s help at hand now!

You will

  • Learn how you can track your manuscript’s status in the online submission system
  • Understand the process flow at the journal end from manuscript submission to acceptance
  • Understand the meanings of different statuses that are displayed from submission to first decision
  • Learn what statuses you can expect for your revised manuscript from submission to final decision
  • Learn what are the common queries that authors have about journal statuses along with their answers

What’s in the digital handbook?

  1. What’s happening to my manuscript?
  2. Why is it taking so long?
  3. Why are statuses confusing?
  4. How do I know what a status means?
  5. Am I the only one?
  6. Time for a quick revision
  7. Can I do anything to reduce the waiting time?
  8. Conclusion

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This handbook will definitely help you with clearing all your queries related to journal statuses.

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