Q: Minor Revised Manuscript has been submitted over 3 weeks

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Grettings, I submitted a manuscript to a Springer Journal and after Under Reviewing I got some minor revisions. After fininshing the revisions, I sent the manuscript which is in the status' Editor Assigned' for over 3 weeks. I sent a message to the handling editor via the online system asking for an update. Was that right? How long should I wait until I get an answer? Thank you!!

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Dear author, thank you for your question. It's fine that you contacted the handling editor with your query. I would recommend waiting for 2-3 weeks more. It's possible that the journal is backlogged or busy. In particular, since only minor revisions that were requested, it should not take too long to process. Please note that December is usually a period where journals tend to be under-staffed because of the holidays. It's possible that the delay is simply because of this. I can imagine that waiting for a journal response can be nerve-wracking, but I'm sure you'll hear from them soon!