Q: NEJM "Letter submitted" awaiting deadline, is the letter passed editor's first decision?

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Hi, I submitted a Letter to the Editor (comment) to NEJM. The status showed initially, "Administer screening" and changed to "Letter submitted" next day. Now the letter is awaiting deadline (3 weeks after publication of the article). Did the letter pass first decision by editors? Do editor take first look after deadline? Thank you.

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Please follow our response on this thread https://www.editage.com/insights/letter-submitted-awaiting-deadline-what-does-this-mean#disqus_thread

As per Ron Brown response on 13 April 2020 “My guess is that the deadline refers to the three weeks in which readers are allowed to submit letters in response to recently published NEJM articles, and that the selection of letters to publish will be made by the editors following the deadline.” We believe that this is quite a plausible explanation of the status.

You can also send an email to the editor to inquire about the status of the submission to understand this better.