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Free interim survey report: Author perspectives on academic publishing

Editage Insights | Jul 6, 2017 | 5,286 views
What do researchers think about the publishing system globally?

Here's a sneak peak! Scroll down to download the full report.

Editage Insights is running a large-scale survey to get global researcher perspectives on whether they are satisfied with the academic publishing system and if not, the kind of changes they would like to see. The survey, being run in 5 languages, has already received a phenomenal global response with more than 5000 respondents so far. In addition, it has received significant industry backing, and has been presented at major publishing industry conferences.

  • Which aspects of the publishing system do authors find most challenging?
  • What factors do they consider while selecting a journal?
  • What do they think of open access?

Download the full interim survey report below to find out the answers to all these questions [and more].

If you haven’t already taken or shared the survey, it’s not too late! Click here to take the survey!

Download the interim survey report now!

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