Q: Please explain how to frame a research question for my article

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What research question the authors had in mind they designed the study? - I'm writting my journal article project

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Thank you for the question, but the context of your concern is not clear to me. I would request you to clarify if you are mentioning about a research project that you are about to start, or you are in the process of writing the manuscript.

In the context of a research project, the research question refers to the question that the researcher intends to solve. Depending on the research question and the specific research area the research will be conceptualized and designed.

If you have already conducted the research and are in the process of writing the report or manuscript of the study, the research question will be presented as the study objective. If it is a hypothesis-driven study, the research question can be written as a hypothesis.

Hope this answers your query. You may refer to some of the relevant discussions in this regard.

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