Handbook: Pre-submission package to give your manuscript the best shot at acceptance

Pre-submission package to give your manuscript the best shot at acceptance

A great manuscript submission package goes a long way to impress the editor and reviewers by increasing your chances of journal acceptance.

You will

  • Learn what editors and reviewers look for in a submission package
  • Learn how to write an impressive cover letter
  • Understand the ethical aspects that you need to follow before submission
  • This guide comes with a downloadable pre-submission checklist and is your perfect guide to preparing a great submission package!

What you will find in this digital handbook

  1. Why all the fuss about the submission package?
  2. What are the first things journal editors look at in a submission package?
  3. Wait! your manuscript is not ready for submission yet!
  4. Impress the editor with your cover letter!
  5. Is your author information complete?
  6. Give credit where credit is due!
  7. Reusing figures? take permission.
  8. Disclose all conflicts of interest.
  9. Some special requirements for biomedical papers.
  10. A concluding note.

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This handbook covers examples to certainly learn and get better with your proposal.

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