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Conducting Research

Stage 1 - I’m currently planning/conducting my research

Conducting research is the first and the most exciting step toward research publication. Regardless of your research method, understanding the finer details of this systematic process is crucial to ensure success. Being meticulous and following the best practices will help you sail through this stage of research smoothly.

Top topics

Funding sources

Grant Application

Data Storage & Management

Data Analysis

Authorship in Research

Manuscript Writing

Stage 2 - I’m writing my research paper

Transforming research into a publication-worthy manuscript can be a daunting task even for experienced authors. Writing a research manuscript requires authors to be mindful of a multitude of aspects such as the paper’s structure, language, format, etc. Understanding the nuances of academic writing will increase the chances of acceptance and eventual publication of your paper.

Top topics

Grammar & Language

Style & Format

Plagiarism in Research

Study Background & Introduction


Journal Selection

Stage 3 - I’m selecting a journal

The next step to writing a research paper is to find a home for it. Selecting a suitable journal for your research paper from the numerous available options can be arduous. To reach out to your target audience you should select a journal strategically. Learn the tips and tricks to target the right journal and give impetus to your research paper and your career.

Top topics

Journal Selection Tips

Understanding the Impact Factor

Presubmission Inquiry

Open Access & Subscription Models

Rapid Publication

Journal Submission

Stage 4 - I’m about to submit my manuscript to a journal

Do you feel submission-ready? The journal submission stage can be intense because every detail needs to be considered and double-checked. You need to adhere to the journal guidelines and ensure that your submission package is perfect to improve your chances of acceptance. Working efficiently with a plan is the key will help you sail through this stage.

Top topics

Submission Package

Ethical Declarations

Duplicate Submission

Manuscript Tracking

Stage 5 - I’m awaiting the journal’s decision

Manuscript tracking is undoubtedly the most nail-biting stage in the publication process. It’s a waiting game where most authors are unsure of the next change in the status. What makes this stage complicated is that every journal has a different set of statuses and authors often find it hard to decode what a particular status indicates. Knowing what each status means can instil confidence and help authors decide when to contact the editor or even withdraw the manuscript.

Top topics

Manuscript Status

Queries to the Editor

Manuscript Withdrawal

Peer Review

Stage 6 - I’m responding to peer reviewer comments

Peer review is used by most journals to ensure the quality of published literature. For authors, it is often the most dreaded stage in the publication process. Handling feedback and criticism from fellow peers can at times prove to be tough, complicated, and time-consuming. Your ability to revise your paper to the referees’ satisfaction and respond to their comments meticulously can make or break the chances of your paper’s acceptance. The willingness to improve your paper and explaining your stance to the referees can help you handle this stage with ease.

Top topics

Basics of Peer Review

Responding to Peer Reviewers

Manuscript Rejection

Stage 7 - My paper just got rejected

You put your heart and soul in your manuscript, so when it ends up getting rejected, it is natural to feel hurt and depressed. The sting of manuscript rejection can be painful and difficult to get over. The truth is that most researchers face journal rejection at some point. But it’s not the end of the world! If you analyze the reasons behind the rejection, polish your manuscript further, and plan your next move, you will certainly succeed in your following attempt.

Top topics

Reasons for Rejection

Dealing with Rejection

Post Publication

Stage 8 - I’ve just published my paper

Your paper got accepted! What next? Learn in this section the various ways in which you can increase the visibility and outreach of your research by promoting it via different channels.

Top topics

Reasons for Retraction

Dealing with Retraction

Public Engagement

Plain Language Summaries

Video & Graphical Abstracts

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