Video: Q&A with Editage: How to write the introduction of your paper

Q&A with Editage: How to write the introduction of your paper

As it is commonly said that “first impression is the last impression”, it happens to stand true for research paper titles as well. Writing an engaging, compelling, and easy to understand introduction of your research paper is crucial to keep your readers hungry for more and hooked on till the end.

A highly experienced neuroscience editor, Nia, from Editage talks about the importance of a good introduction, its impact on the reader, and how to write a good introduction using some of the best techniques.

While your introduction should be detailed, it should be crisp. The section must include information it is supposed to give and in a concise manner. It should effectively explain the problem being addressed and why it’s important in the field. Also, stay on the topic. A side note that strays slightly from the topic of your paper might indeed be interesting, but unless this information is directly related to the rationale behind your work, do not include in the introduction section.

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