Q: Required Reviews Completed changed three time

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I sent a manuscript to the Arabian journal for science and engineering. My paper was "under review" on May 5th and the status changed to Required Reviews Completed on May 20th, and the date is also changed on May 24th and today June 11th I found the date changed but the status is the same "Required Reviews Completed ". Could anyone explain to me, please?

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Hi Aicha,

The status 'Required Reviews Completed' means the reviewer's comment on your paper has been finalized and sent to the handling editor of the paper. As you know, the journal editors are quite busy as they have to deal with many papers. There are papers on hold for editorial decision before your paper. After the editor completes those, the editor will finalize your paper based on the reviewer's comment.

So please be calm and patient. Wait for this month. If the same status stays on the 1st week of July, you can also write a formal mail to the editor to know the paper's status.