Have you ever wondered why the human head and jaw is so slender? According to a recent anthropological study, when humans moved from hunting and gathering to farming, the distinct difference in chewing requirements changed the shape of the human skull.      

Looking for alternate sources of renewable energy has been a constant endeavor and climate change has made this need more urgent. Using renewable energy sources like solar, water, and wind energy reduces dependence on fossil fuels and oil reserves which cannot be renewed. A new paper provides a detailed roadmap of how 139 countries will be powered entirely by wind, water, and sunlight by the year 2050.    

Would you push a fellow bystander in front of the train to save the lives of five people? According to research, people are more likely to do something that they have an emotional aversion to if the communication is done in a foreign language as opposed to their native tongue.  

Premature babies suffer from several health problems such as apnea, respiratory distress syndrome, or anemia. Even while being kept in incubators and hooked to ventilators, premature babies face many challenges. However, there may be hope as researchers have now created an artificial womb to help extremely premature babies survive amidst a less harsh environment.

There are countless theories by scientists about how life first appeared and evolved on the Earth. But now a new study that specifically focuses on how animals appeared on the Earth points to the formation of algae.  

Most parents have an ongoing struggle with regard to an early bedtime. Now scientific research provides evidence that there may be some wisdom in the age-old early bedtime rule for children.

Does the healing and repairing of injuries almost instantly sound unreal? A new technology, which is designed to generate any cell type of interest for treatment within the patient's own body, manages to do exactly that.

Every year, people with compromised organs such as hearts, livers, and kidneys are saved by organs donated by deceased people. But there are far too many people in need of organs and the organ transplant waitlist is ever-growing. Several patients die while waiting for a match. Many attempts have been made to look for alternatives but now there’s hope because of gene editing. 

In developed countries, every year, many deaths are caused by heart failure. Very few cases of heart disease are treatable and most heart patients succumb to it. However, scientists have now found a way to trick the heart back to health.  

The brain loses its ability to learn, remember and adapt with age. Much like the rest of the body, there is an obvious decline in the way our brain functions. Now a new study conducted on mice shows that manipulating a single gene can help rejuvenate the normal cognitive functioning of the brain.