Q: Is RJIF 5.44 a good indicator of quality?

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Whats the purpose of using the term RJIF? I intend to publish an article in a journal with RJIF 5.44. Is it something good or average I should go for it or not? Also how do we judge either and impact factor is good or not?

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The term RJIF refers to "Research Journal Impact Factor." This is an index that is used to as a measure of the prestige of journals. It is similar to the Journal Impact Factor (by Thomson Reuters); however, it does not have the credibility of the latter. Even though RJIF is used by some (not a majority of) journals, it is not considered in major academic decisions, e.g., those related to tenure. Also the credibility of RJIF is not yet established, whereas the JIF, being patented by a well-established company is well known and comparatively more credible. Note that publishing in a journal with a high impact factor is not the only way or even the best way to advance your career or boost your profile. 

To answer your question, I am not really sure whether a journal with RJIF 5.44 is considered to be prestigious. However, I checked the RJIF list of journals, and most of teh journals that showed an impact factor, had 5 or more on an average. So, I think you can consider it as an acceptable number.

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