A manuscript’s journey from an editor’s perspective

Many authors do not know exactly what goes on behind the scenes in a journal’s editorial office, from manuscript submission to final decision. In this series of posts, an experienced journal editor tells us more about the editorial structure of a journal as well as its evaluation and decision-making processes. This series sheds light on the factors that are at play during manuscript publication, how editorial decisions are made, and what the sequence of events in the publication process is.

Part 01

What happens to a manuscript once it is submitted to a journal? This article, written by an experienced journal editor, throws light on what exactly the role of the…

Part 02

We all know that peer review is the most crucial part of the publication process. But finding peer reviewers is by no means an easy task. In this article, an…

Part 03

Once a paper is submitted to a journal, authors eagerly wait for the editorial decision. But how does the editor actually take the decision on a manuscript? This…

Part 04

The unpredictable nature of the journal decision-making process and the delays involved make it a stressful experience for authors. In this article, an experienced…