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Scholarly publishers and social media

Part 01
By Jayashree Rajagopalan | October 24, 2017
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Why academic journals, publishers, and societies should have a social media presence
If you are a publisher who has not yet explored social media, it’s time you reconsidered that decision. If you thought that being on social media only benefits individual researchers, you are mistaken. Networking and posting updates via social media has several benefits for scholarly publishers, journals, and organizations as well. 
Part 02
By Payman Taei | October 27, 2017
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Social media tips for journals, publishers, and societies
Because social networking is so intimate, it also represents a massive opportunity for academic journals and publishers to make their presence felt. This posts talks about the potential traps and mistakes journals, academic societies, publishers, and funders could avoid when engaging the academic community via social media platforms.