Q: Should I complain to the journal for their negligent attitude?

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I submitted my paper to a journal under BioMed Central, as I heard that it had a relatively speedy s peer review process and publication time. However, there was no progress for 1 month after I submitted my paper, so I sent a reminder and then my paper was sent to the Editor. 3 months after submission, I sent a second reminder, but there was no response. 6 months later, I sent a third reminder. Finally, I got a decision, but it was a reject because a suitable reviewer had not been found. I an angry at the journal’s negligent attitude, and I never want to submit to this journal again. I am considering if I should make a complaint to the journal, since I don’t want other researchers to waste their precious time like me. If I should write a complaint, what should  I convey to the journal?

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I am sorry to hear about this incident. While it is rare, such issues do happen. The journal will try to find reviewers and if they are unable to do so, they will reject the manuscript. It would have been helpful if the journal had informed you regarding the issue that they were facing, rather than wait for you to send out reminders.

I can understand that you are upset at the time lost and you can send an email to the journal editor to express your dissatisfaction, although you can't be sure whether any action will be taken. Should you decide to email the editor, you can mention that it would have been helpful if you were aware of the situation early on and would have been given the opportunity to withdraw and try submitting elsewhere.

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