Q: Should I write a thank you note for a rejection letter from the editor?

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My article has been rejected by a journal on the ground that the work didn’t fit the journal’s purview and readership. The editor suggested to submitting the manuscript elsewhere. Should I write a thank you note to the Editorial Committee, for their time?

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Answer: This is a template message. The massage has not been written by the editor. If you reply, the message will be read by the managing editor (but not the editor in chief). In my point of view, when the reject suggestion is made at least by one of the reviewers, the rejection letter will be sent by the system, automatically (but it is not a general approach).

It is very thoughtful of you to consider thanking the editorial committee for spending time on your manuscript. However, usually the editorial staff of a journal are completely occupied with numerous manuscripts at different stages of the review or publication process, and it is likely that your email might get ignored.

Also, it is generally not the norm for the author to send a 'thank you email' to the editor after receiving the editorial decision. However, if you really wish to communicate your gratitude to the editors, please send your ‘note of thanks’ as it certainly doesn’t do any harm.

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