Q: Should I write to the editor if the status has been 'Decision in Progress' for 20 days?

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Under normal circumstances, 20 days may be considered a relatively long time for a decision on the manuscript. Sometimes, though, there may be a lot of manuscripts that the Editor-in-Chief (EiC) has to decide on. Presently, COVID-19 may be presenting an additional challenge, going by this other query: Could COVID-19 be affecting how long my manuscript remains in the 'Decision in Process' status? As is understandable, there is a surge of manuscripts being submitted around various aspects of the disease, and journals may be prioritizing these over other manuscripts (unless yours too is related to COVID-19).

However, it’s also understandable that you should know the fate of your manuscript soon enough to be able to make decisions of your own. So, you could wait for a few days more, say, till a month gets over, and then write to the editor requesting an update. All the best for whatever’s next!

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