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After 3 months with an "Awaiting Referee Report" status in a ScholarOne Manuscripts journal, the new status changed to "Awaiting AE decision" and in the same day back to "Awaiting Referee Report". Did the AE send the paper to more referees? Or/and he/she will also make a review for the paper? Or it is something else?

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Thank you for your question!

The status "Awaiting Referee Report" implies that the reviewers are already assigned and review work is in-progress. Generally, 2-3 peer reviewers are assigned to a paper. So, even after one reviewer submits his report, the immediate change in status would be a reflection of that action, i.e., "Awaiting AE decision". Soon after the Associate Editor (AE) acknowledges the receipt of the reviewer report, the status is reversed to "Awaiting Referee Report"; probably now the report is pending from other assigned reviewer(s). Well this is just one scenario. It could also mean that there was some point lacking clarity and the AE has requested clarification from respective reviewer.

Further, please note that the final decision lies with the AE whether a manuscript is publishable or not, even after going through revisions.

Wish you all the best! You might soon receive the first decision from the journal.