Q: What are the steps to write a perfect research proposal?

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How to write a proposal? My topic is about the effect of aids in teaching writing.

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The steps or process, of writing a research proposal are, in many ways, similar to that for writing a research paper. You identify a broad research area, read up the current literature in the area, identify gaps in research, and eventually, identify a research question or hypothesis. A proposal statement is also structured similar to a research paper, with an abstract, introduction, hypothesis, and proposed methodology.


However, in some ways, writing a proposal statement can seem even tougher than writing a research paper, because the intention of a proposal is to secure a grant, which can be a challenging thing to do. The proposal should therefore be written to persuade the funding agency to grant the fund. Therefore, I can understand your desire to write a “perfect” or strong proposal.


We have several resources on how to go about doing this. Here are a few popular ones.

All the best with the proposal – and funding!