An in-depth academic publishing course for young researchers

Learn everything you need to know about academic publishing. Understand the publication process, the journey of the manuscript, and the basics of academic writing.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn about the types of scholarly articles published in journals and the format that is best suited for your research
  • Understand the importance of getting published in prestigious international journals 
  • Discover how to increase your chances of publication success
  • Know the steps involved in the manuscript’s journey from submission to publication
  • Master your understanding of the peer review processes followed by top-notch journals


An in-depth academic publishing course for young researchers

Who is this course for? 

  • Young researchers
  • PhDs
  • Post docs looking to get familiar with the world of academia

Why is it important to understand the academic publishing process?

  • To help you prepare before you start writing your research paper thereby saving you a lot of precious time
  • To enable you to go about publishing your research paper in the right journal to ensure that your get the most impact
  • To ensure in-depth understanding the journal publication workflow from submission to publication

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Course Contents

 Lesson 1: The importance of academic publishing

  •  Why publish?
  •  Publish or perish
  •  Check your understanding: Quiz 1

 Lesson 2: Understanding the publication process

  •  A quick look at the journal process flow
  •  Stage 1: From submission to editorial screening
  •  Stage 2: The manuscript proceeds to peer review
  •  Stage 3: Editorial decision making
  •  Check your understanding: Quiz 2

 Lesson 3: What type of article would you like to publish?

  •  Types of scholarly literature
  •  Types of articles that journals publish
  •  Check your understanding: Quiz 3

 Lesson 4: More about peer review

  •  What is peer review?
  •  Types of peer review
  •  Check your understanding: Quiz 4


  •  A quick recap
  •  Final assessment
  •  Course completion certificate information


"A great course, that is very in-depth. The course provided me with a lot of clarity about the entire academic publishing journey. A must-know for every young researcher before getting into the academic writing process."


"I am really satisfied with this course as it gives many useful tips for researchers. The author has been able to explain the academic publishing process in an interesting way."


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