How to promote your research for greater impact!

What you will learn?

  • What are research collaborations and how they can help your research?
  • How to create an online identity?
  • Which parts of the research paper you need to focus on for improved visibility?
  • Everything you need to know about Open Access
  • Why is networking important?
  • Tips to get the most out of conferences?
  • How to use social media and blogs to promote your research?

"For me, like all the other researchers, I thought that my work is finished when the manuscript get published but this course shows me that I need to promote my work so it would be visible for a large public." - Madiha Amarjouf

How to promote your research for greater impact!

Why stop at publishing your research! These useful and handy tips will help you extend the reach and impact of your research to a wider audience!

Generating impact is the responsibility of the researcher and to get more people interested in your research is one of the best ways to go about demonstrating this impact. This course will help you strategise and create a plan to promote your research effectively. You will learn how research collaborations can not only help your research but also help you advance your career. Understand how conferences work and the best networking tricks and tips, learn why Open Access should matter to authors, and how to use the internet to make your research more discoverable.

Course Content

Why you should be thinking about making your research more visible

  • Let's look at the larger picture
  • What's in it for you?
  • A self-searching exercise before we begin

Strategy #1 - Collaborate collaborate collaborate

  • What is research collaboration?
  • How will collaboration help you?
  • Quick tips to help you collaborate

Strategy #2 - Make your identity solid

  • What’s in a name? Everything!
  • Commonly asked questions about ORCID and other identifiers

Strategy #3 - Get the main parts of your paper right!

  • How you say it matters a lot
  • An effective abstract is the sign of a good research paper
  • A great title will make your paper stand out
  • Choose the right keywords to make your paper accessible

Strategy #4 - Open up your research to the world

  •  Open access and visibility go hand in hand
  •  Green and gold OA publishing
  •  Myths about open access publishing

Strategy #5 - Adopt M&M – Mingle and Meet

  •  Why do you need to meet people and network?
  •  Handy networking tips for conference attendees

Strategy #6 - Use social media and researcher platforms

  •  Go social – Use social media to your advantage
  •  You need an online CV
  •  Life saving tips to help you interact online

Strategy #7 - Discover the blogger in you

  •  Why should you blog?
  •  Quick tips to help you blog

Strategy #8 - Show your research to people

  •  Why do you need to visualize your research?
  •  Bring your research to life with a graphical abstract
  •  Make a movie about your research with a video abstract

Concluding section

  •  A video on research engagement
  •  Bonus tips: Platforms that help research promotion and engagement
  •  Quick revision
  •  Final assessment
  •  Course completion certificate - information


I enrolled this course because knowledge is no limited, so I want to improve it by learning from this course. I expect that this course will help me know exactly what I should do from now to touch my dream.

- Binh Cao


Course Instructor

Jayashree Rajagopalan, MA (English Literature), MA (Children’s Literature), ELS – Senior Writer & Editor, Scholarly Communications

Jayashree works on creating alternative resources about scholarly publishing such as videos, infographics, or SlideShares. She also conducts interview for the Industry Experts section on Editage Insights and manages the social media platforms of Editage Insights In a previous avatar as an academic editor at Editage, she gained a first-hand understanding of the publication needs of and challenges faced by academic authors. She also gained some experience training remote academic editors on various aspects of academic editing and writing as well as conducted a webinar on open access. While at work, Jayashree is always busy finding newer ways to communicate ideas and connect with authors globally; outside work, she is an aficionado of comics, superhero sagas, children’s literature, and cinema.


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