How to write a strong introduction for your research paper

In this course, you will learn

  • What’s the difference between an abstract and an introduction?
  • What makes an effective introduction section?
  • How to write a great introduction section?
  • Learn whether your introduction is effective?
  • See a sample introduction section
  • What should you avoid while writing the perfect introduction?


How to write a strong introduction for your research paper

Why should you enroll?

Assuming that the title and abstract of your research paper have successfully drawn readers to your paper, it is then up to your introduction section to ensure that these readers make it to the end of your paper!

If you want to write an effective introduction, you need to think of it as the section in which you define and claim your place within the broader area of your research.

This course will teach you the perfect recipe for writing a great introduction. It will also break down all steps involved in writing this section and point out all the red flags you should avoid, while writing your introduction.


Course Content

Module 1: Let’s start with the basics

  • How is an abstract different from an introduction?

Module 2: Writing an introduction: What should you include?

  • What are the characteristics of an effective introduction section?

Module 3: Writing an introduction: What are the steps involved?

  • How should you go about writing a great introduction section?
  • Bonus Tip: How do you know whether your introduction is effective?

Module 4: Time to look at a sample!

  • Let's look at a sample introduction section!
  • Why is this a good sample for writing an introduction?

Module 5: Writing an introduction: What not to do?

  • Here are the don’ts of crafting the perfect introduction

Module 6: Tying it all together!

  • A checklist to make sure you don't skip anything


"These are great crash courses! These courses provided me with a lot of clarity. A must-know for every young researcher while writing their manuscript."

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