Learn about final checks and revisions before manuscript submission

In this course, you will:

  • Understand the expectations of readers and reviewers
  • Learn about the process for self-review of the first draft
  • Know about the reviewing structure for a scientific paper
  • Understand the importance of feedback
Learn about final checks and revisions before manuscript submission

Why should you enroll?

Some of the reasons for manuscript rejection are suspected plagiarism, incomplete manuscripts, incomprehensible language, outdated references, incomplete or unclear figures and incomplete or faulty research. In this lesson, you will learn how to avoid these errors, by subjecting your manuscript to several reviews before you send it for publication. You will learn the aspects you should focus on such as the language, presentation, and formatting. 

Course Content:

  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Expectations of readers
  • Self-review activity
  • Revision of your draft
  • Self-revision of the first draft
  • Check your understanding
  • Structure of a paper
  • Sequential review of each section
  • Writing process for easier review
  • External reviews
  • Working on feedback
  • Check your understanding
  • Summary

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