Write a strong introduction section – Make a great first impression

Write a strong introduction section – Make a great first impression

“How do I introduce myself so that I make a good impression on this person?” Don’t we all think about this? In a similar vein, when writing the Introduction section of your research paper, you need to think of ways to get the readers engaged so that they read the entire paper. Your Introduction can play an instrumental role in setting a great tone and context for the rest of your paper and can gain you readership.

In this digital handbook, you will find all the tools you need to make your Introduction effective and engaging—a list of elements you should include in this section, handy steps to write the section, sample analysis, expert tips, and a checklist that you can refer to time and again. Get ready to write the Introduction to your paper like a pro!


Early career researchers in particular

What you will find in this digital handbook

  1. Differentiate between an abstract and an introduction
  2. Write a good introduction to your paper or thesis
  3. Achieve a step-by-step understanding of writing the introduction
  4. Some Tips and Tricks to get your introduction right!

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This handbook will certainly help you with creating a strong first impression.

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