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By Jayashree Rajagopalan | December 12, 2016
Under Industry Experts | 4,362 Views
Interview with Barbara Gastel, science communication expert, trainer, and acclaimed author
Barbara Gastel (BA, MD, MPH), coordinates the master's degree program in science and technology journalism at Texas A&M University. She has written three books on communicating and teaching... Read More
By Jayashree Rajagopalan | April 04, 2016
Under Career Advancement, Fun Learning | 21,851 Views
Average: 4.2
15 Career paths for PhDs and postdocs
Often, PhDs and postdocs are confused about choosing the right career after their research and most often they do not know that there are several options available to researchers within and outside... Read More
By Jayashree Rajagopalan | October 23, 2015
Under Industry Experts | 5,671 Views
Interview with Richard Poynder, independent blogger/journalist
Richard Poynder is an independent journalist/blogger with a particular interest in open access and its perception and application across different sections of academia. In his blog—Open and Shut? —... Read More
By Kakoli Majumder | January 29, 2015
Under Beyond Research | 14,083 Views
Average: 3
Misinformation in science news: The role of the scholarly community
Media outlets and journalists are often blamed for communicating exaggerated or distorted reports of scientific research to the public. However, a recent study has revealed that the scientific... Read More