The best of Editage Insights in 2016: Top 5 articles, Q&As, expert interviews, and more

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The best of Editage Insights in 2016: Top 5 articles, Q&As, expert interviews, and more

The year 2016 was super exciting for the Editage Insights team! In our third year, we continued to assist researchers, editors, and publishers across countries and fields in reaching out to fellow academics and sharing their views and problems. As the year is drawing to a close, our team of editors have compiled for you the best content that most of the readers found useful as well as interesting. The curated list includes some thought-provoking articles, great tips from the industry experts, guidance to help researchers tackle some of the commonly encountered problems, and answers to questions that bother many researchers. We’re sure that reading this content would be a great way of welcoming the new year, armed as you would be with more knowledge, confidence, and motivation! We wish you a very happy new year!   


If you are a researcher looking for some guidance to advance your career or if you want to some exciting reading material, here are some of the best articles we published:

Researcher questions

We’re approached by researchers with questions they find difficult to get answers for. And our team of publication experts is only happy to help them. These are some of the prime concerns that bothered researchers in 2016:  

Industry expert interviews

Interviewing industry experts is part of our efforts to make their views and experiences accessible to our readers. Here are some of the most remarkable interviews we conducted this year:  

Videos and SlideShares

For some quick tips, take a look at this curated list of videos and SlideShares that includes some of the best tips and strategies we shared this year:   

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Published on: Dec 28, 2016


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