Q: The editor has problems with my literature review. Should I re-submit my paper to the same journal?

Detailed Question -

The Editor of my journal has written to me after the initial screening. This is what she says: "The references used by the authors did not contain sufficient peer reviewed journals. More journal references presenting recent works should be added to the manuscript. After updating the manuscript, the authors should make a new submission." Should I re-submit?

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The major problem with the study is that the literature review is not exhaustive. This is an issue that any editor would raise. So, you have to revise the literature review before you submit your paper, irrespective of whether you are submitting to this journal or some other journal. 

Therefore, I feel it would be preferable to submit your paper to the same journal as a new submission after making the recommended changes. Since the editor has not raised any major issues about the paper, such as novelty of the research or the topic being a mismatch with the journal’s scope, once the concern about the literature review has been addressed, your paper stands a good chance of clearing the initial screening process and making it to peer review.

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