Webinar: The secret to writing a publication-ready manuscript

The secret to writing a publication-ready manuscript

Isabel Casillas-Barragan, experienced academic researcher, freelance editor, and innovation consultant, will show you how you can write a publication-ready manuscript that is well-written, cohesively presented, and certain to impress the journal editor and peer reviewers. Both journal editors and peer reviewers love a well-structured manuscript because it allows them to focus on the content and research methodology. In this session, you will learn how to structure your original research article into the IMRaD format. As a special bonus, Dr. Casillas-Barragan will also show you how the submission process works.

Isabel Casillas-Barragan holds a PhD in animal Physiology and is an innovation consultant in Inspiralia. Furthermore, she works within the Communication Team of the Erasmus Mundus Association. She has considerable experience as a researcher, published author, science coach, and academic trainer. She has also gained experience writing research and innovation proposals within the European Projects framework. She is passionate about teaching researchers how they can effectively convey their findings to the world and loves breaking barriers to communication.