Q: To upload a manuscript to arXiv, is an introduction required from another author who has previously uploaded a manuscript?

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When sending [uploading] a manuscript to arXiv, is an introduction required from another author who has experience with uploading a manuscript to arXiv? I am required to do so.

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What you are referring to is what arXiv calls an endorsement. It’s not mandatory, but they do seem to insist on it, for many researchers. However, they definitely need every submitter to be registered on the platform, as is the case with a journal too. So, you could first try submitting on your own by registering. If you are affiliated with a well-regarded institution, you probably don’t need an endorsement. However, from your query, it seems you have tried that and they seem to still want you to provide an endorser.

In that case, just as with looking for peer reviewers to suggest to a journal, you could look around for people who have uploaded to arXiv. Alternatively, you could look on arXiv itself, by searching for relevant papers and therein for their authors who you may then write to requesting an endorsement. On the page explaining its endorsement system, arXiv tells you exactly how you can go about doing this. In the How can I get endorsed? section, refer to the alternative recommended way to proceed.

Hope that helps. Incidentally, as you are uploading to arXiv, you are obviously keen on (also) going the preprints route for your paper, perhaps to get early/initial feedback. If so, you may find these relevant articles worthy of your interest.

All the best for getting an endorser/endorsement!