Q: Unable to track manuscript

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I have been trying to track my manuscript submitted to the journal of psychosocial rehabilitation since the 15th of July without any success. I was emailed a reference number but the tracking system keeps rejecting my email.

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Thank you for your question.

We understand that you are unable to track the status of your manuscript. We have addressed your concerns below:

On the tracking link (https://www.psychosocial.com/track-your-paper/) you need to provide the reference number of the manuscript (sent to you by the journal over email) under the “Paper ID” and the primary email address of the author that submitted the paper under the "Email ID". Once this information is added click the "Track" button.

The status of the Manuscript will then appear as follows:

If you still do not see your manuscript status, we recommend you write to the journal inquiring about the same. You can respond to the acknowledgment email you received from the journal with the reference number to send the email.

Hope this helps. All the best for your submission!