Video: Week 3 challenge 3 - Sleep!

Week 3 challenge 3 - Sleep!

I am back with the third task in my six-week challenge for researchers. I am sure that you'll LOVE this week's challenge and will say "Challenge Accepted!" when I reveal what I would like you to take up. Why so? Because I'm asking you to do something you may badly be in need of as a researcher and perhaps have wanted to do for a while. Here's your challenge for this week: 

Challenge #3:
Sleep for eight hours at a stretch on any one day of the week. (If you can manage to sleep for more than eight hours on more than one day, that's a bonus!)

Yes, you read that correctly. Sleep for eight hours at a stretch. Take that break. Let your body unwind and relax. Sleep all the stress away and wake up rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. After completing this challenge, take a selfie and share it on Twitter (don't forget to tag us: @Editage) or email it to us ( 

Get ready to say, "Challenge Accepted" and sleep! You have until next Tuesday to complete this challenge!

Sweet dreams!

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