Video: Week 4 challenge 4 - Explain your research

Week 4 challenge 4 - Explain your research

As we enter week 4 of this challenge, I have a very special task for you this time. You may remember that as part of the second task of this challenge, I asked you to complete the sentence "I am a researcher because..." This week, I want you to go one step further and explain your work to someone outside your academic or research circle. Here's what you need to do:

Challenge #4:
Explain your work to a friend of family - tell them what you do, how it is important, why you're passionate about your work, and what motivates you to keep going.

This will help you connect with them as well as get some practice communicating your work to a wider audience. Go on, then, start talking about your work to people outside your academic circle. Say "Challenge Accepted!" and share a selfie with your friend or family member after you've completed it.

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