Q: What are examples of research questions regarding diversity in Philippine folk dances?

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Hello Clydine – Welcome to the forum!

Your research area sounds both exciting and interesting – ‘exciting’ for the ‘folk dances’ part, ‘interesting’ for the ‘diversity’ part. :-) However, it’s also quite specific. Additionally, you have asked for examples of research questions. The best way to find these, as you may understand, is to look up relevant papers in the area – both published and preprints. That is, you will need to do a comprehensive literature search. Apart from getting to know about research questions that have already been studied, the literature search may help you find gaps in current studies that you may then wish to explore in your research.

Hope that helps. For more information on the various points discussed above, you may refer to the following resources:

All the best for your what sounds like an absorbing and engaging study! :-)