Q: What are my paper's chances of getting accepted by another journal after the editor suggested submitting elsewhere?

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The editor said that my paper has considerable novelty but does not fit with their journal’s scope, and so, suggested submitting to another journal. What are its chances of getting accepted elsewhere?

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It’s great that there is good news balanced with bad news, the bad news being that the paper does not match the journal’s scope and the good news being that it has considerable novelty (at least, according to this editor).

To avoid such a situation, it’s best to go through the journal’s focus description in detail. This is provided on the site in a section typically called ‘Aims and Focus’ or ‘Scope’. At times, it is even mentioned in the author guidelines. This can help you avoid unnecessary delay and frustration, as would be happening in this case. You should also do this for the next journal(s) you wish to send your manuscript to. In addition, you may send them a presubmission inquiry, to ensure there is a scope match. Finally, you may also use this time to make any updates as necessary to your manuscript to improve its chances of acceptance with another journal.

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