Q: What are the chances of acceptance of an article in Springer's Electrical Engineering after the first revision?

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It’s never easy to guess or predict the chances of acceptance of an article, because these depend on so many factors: novelty, quality of (presentation and writing), type of (first) revision, reviewer comments, and so on. What can probably give some indication is the type of the first revision. In case it was minor, the article stands a very good chance of acceptance. If it was major, it has a possibility of getting accepted; at the least, it means the journal sees some merit in your article, which is why it was sent for peer review. You’ll probably know for yourself with the next update: in case it’s a minor revision, it’s almost certain to be published.

For more insights into journal decision-making after peer review, you may find it worthwhile to go through these articles:

Just one thing now. Electrical Engineering is a transformative journal. That is, it’s a subscription-based journal that’s gradually turning open access (OA). You’ll probably do well to find out, or confirm, whether your article, if and when accepted, will be a paywalled article or an OA article. In case of the latter, you will have to pay article processing charges (APCs), which may come as a rude surprise then. This has happened a couple of times recently with some of the other researchers on our site, as you may read below.

Anyway, hope all that helps. For now, all the best for the next update!