Q: What are the different areas of writing for a journal?

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I want to start journal writing. Right now, I know of only a few areas in which a journal is more likely to accept publishing, such as articles and letters. Can blogging be a part of the journal?

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Hello Kuldeep – Welcome to the forum! So, it seems you are presently interested in writing as a science communicator rather than as a researcher. If so, yes, journal articles (that come from research) may not be what you should be looking at. However, if interested, you could contribute letters, but for that too, you would need to be interested in research, as your letter would be feedback or inputs on someone else’s research.

As you mentioned blogs, or blog posts, there are a lot of online scientific news and information sites that you could check out. So, look up the net, shortlist some sites, and contact them, preferably with samples of your writing – and take it forward from there. For news and information on research and science, you could of course continue checking in here. :-)

For now, to help you get started, we have linked a few relevant articles you could go through:

Hope that helps. All the best for your scientific writing/blogging!