Q: What are the recommended types of sampling plan that will represent the current plan?

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Hello Sirgut - Welcome to the forum, and thanks for your question. Note that we have shared it with our methodology expert, also for further clarity on the question. We shall get back to you once we have their response. Until then, feel free to look around the forum and the rest of the site for other topics of interest.


Hello Sirgut – Thanks for your question. However, as one of us may have earlier shared with you, we may need more inputs to be able to respond to this question. It’s not clear what this ‘current plan’ is and therefore what are the types of sampling plan that will represent it.

We normally look at samples when choosing the participants of a study. Particularly for randomized controlled trials, the sampling is crucial to ensure that a representative population is chosen and no inadvertent biases are introduced in the process. Other than this, we are not aware of any ‘sampling plan’ as such. So, if you could add more information, that may help us better respond to your query.

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