Q: What are the steps a journal should follow when applying for being indexed by EI [Engineering Index]?

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By ‘EI,’ I suppose you mean ‘Engineering Index.’ If so, its actual name is Ei Compendex. It is an engineering literature database made available by Elsevier and accessible through their product Engineering Village, which means that its access is restricted (rather than being open, like some other databases). However, to go through the list of journals indexed on the database, on the Ei Compendex home page, you may download the spreadsheet titled ‘Compendex source list.’ On one of the worksheets within, you’ll find a list of Chinese journals in the database.

The steps or criteria for a journal to be considered for indexing in Ei Compendex are provided on the Engineering Village site on this page: Ei Compendex Content Policy and Selection [Here, apart from the criteria, you will also find a checklist to help you in your application process.]

To submit an actual application, you need to use the form on this page: Ei Title Suggestion Form [As you are applying for a journal, you need to select the ‘Suggest a Journal’ option on this page, and then proceed through the various steps.]

Overall, the process will take between six months and a year. The screening is free of charge, but their selection criteria, as with all reputed databases, is quite stringent. It depends on factors such as the period for which your journal has been publishing, the quality of articles published by your journal, and the number and experience of the peer reviewers for your articles.

We have a few resources that can help you prepare for the indexing process. You may go through them here.

All the best for the application and hopefully successful indexing!