Q: What are the steps to follow after submitting a revised manuscript that received major revisions?

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I submitted a manuscript to a reputed journal. After 50 days of the peer review process, the response was “major revision has been requested” and that the new version was required within one month. After making the necessary adjustments, I resubmitted the revised manuscript on the 21st of November. To date, the status is “under review”. Should I worry about manuscript rejection? Thanks in advance.

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As you may know, a revised manuscript for which a major revision was requested needs to be reviewed again to assess if all the requested changes have been made satisfactorily. Thus, the manuscript goes to the Under Review status. In your case, it has remained in this stage for a month possibly due to the holiday season. Either the editor or the peer reviewer(s), or both, are on leave, due to which the manuscript hasn’t gone for a second review. It would be best to wait until mid-January, when the holiday season gets over, to know whether the status has changed. If not, you could then write to them politely seeking an update.

Presently, you shouldn’t worry about rejection. If you have made all changes satisfactorily, there is a high likelihood your manuscript will get accepted. However, note that sometimes journals ask for another round of revision after a major revision. All the best!

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