Q: What are useful tools for writing research papers?

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I am writing a research paper, I need to know!

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Research writing is not an easy task to do! It can surely be hectic if you lack the appropriate resources to work with. 

One should have enough knowledge and experience to get their papers selected to be published as we all know it is a tedious workflow to go through. A research paper involves surveying a field of knowledge in order to find the best possible information of that field, and that survey can be orderly and focused if taken the right approach.


There are multiple sources for you to look and take help from, but let me cut you the chase and present to you my personal favourite, Typeset. It is a tool specially designed for research writing and being an experienced researcher myself, It has truly Simplified research writing for me. I would suggest you take a look for yourself. Hope this helps you too.

Happy Researching!