Q: What can I do hasten my paper's progress at the journal end?

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I submitted my manuscript which was edited by you to Irrigation Science on 28th May 2016. It’s already been more than a month, but the status still remains at "Awaiting Editorial Office Processing." I am expecting to graduate next June, but based on this progress, it won't be accepted before next June. I am so worried. Is there any way to fasten my paper progress?

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Unfortunately, the conventional review and decision-making process at journals is quite slow. There is not much that you can do about it, except perhaps, write to the journal editor explaining your situation and requesting if the review process could be expedited. You should also keep following up with the journal about the progress of your paper whenever you feel the status is taking unusually long to change.

If you are really short of time, you could also consider withdrawing the paper from this journal and submitting it to a rapid publication journal. However, make sure you find out whether the option of rapid publication is popular in your field and shortlist a few target journals before you send the withdrawal email.