Q: What does "1 reviewer(s) accepted" mean?

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I submitted a manuscript to Scientific Reports. A few days ago, the status was "reviewers invited". After several days, it became "1 reviewer(s) accepted". The status has been the same for a few days. I also noticed that there has been a change in update time but the status remains "reviewer(s) accepted". What does it mean?

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After your submission, an associate editor at the journal sends your paper to peer reviewers; for Scientific Reports, the submitted paper is typically sent to two or three peer reviewers. Based on the status youre seeing now, it seems like one reviewer has recommended acceptance. Youll need to wait a bit for an update on your submission status. If, however, the journal takes long to get back, you may want to write to them requesting an update.

We also have a few related resources on submission statuses, including a useful handbook curated by our sister brand, R Upskill.

Hope this helps. All the best for your submission!