Q: What does a status change from 'Editor Assigned' to 'Reviewer Assigned' two days after submission indicate?

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Hello. I recently submitted a paper to one of the BMC journals. After two days, the status changed to 'Editor Assigned.' Two days later, it changed to 'Reviewer Assigned.' Is this a good sign, or bad? What's your opinion?

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Hello Mohammadreza – Welcome to the forum!

This is a good sign – at least for now. :-) ‘Reviewer Assigned’ means that the journal has had a look at your manuscript and decided to send it for peer review, whether internal or external. The quick change from ‘Editor Assigned’ to ‘Reviewer Assigned’ means that the Associate Editor (AE) had a look at your manuscript and decided that it fits the journal scope and also investigates a new or interesting topic. So, now, you need to wait for the peer review comments. :-)

Until then, you could go through the following resources for a better understanding of journal statuses and the peer review process:

Hope that helps. And all the best for the next stage(s)!