Q: What does a status change from "editor invited" to "decision in process" indicate?

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I submitted my paper to Springer journal more than a month ago. The "Editor invited" status stayed for two weeks, and then it changed to "Decision in Process" directly. It seems strange. Normally “editor invited” comes after manuscript screening. Why was there no "with editor" status and why did it change to "Decision in Process"? 

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Even within Springer publications, the process flow may vary slightly depending on the journal. It is possible that this journal sends out invitations to the editor as soon as a manuscript is submitted, and an admin person conducts the manuscript screening while waiting for the editor to accept the invitation. This could be a way of speeding up the process, and is probably the reason for the status change to “decision in process.”

However, this status change twithout a review could mean that the paper will get a desk rejection. A desk rejection after manuscript screening by admin usually occurs if the manuscript does not match the scope of the journal, if it fails to meet the journal guidelines, or if a necessary document such as ethics approval or disclosure statement is missing. In the latter case, however, it is possible to submit the paper to the same journal once again if you provide the necessary documents.