Q: What does "Awaiting PE Decision" mean?

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About two months after my article was submitted, its status changed from "awaiting reviewer selection" to "awaiting PE decision". Does this mean the article is rejected?

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In publishing, the abbreviation "PE" refers to "Publishing Editor"; this typically corresponds to the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) role for most journals.

"Awaiting PE decision" could mean one of two things. Assuming your paper's undergone peer review, it could mean that the paper is back from the peer reviewer/s, and after the Associate/Managing Editor (AE/ME) has had a look, they have arrived at a decision and referred their decision to the PE/EIC, who will make the final decision.

Assuming the paper hasn't undergone peer review yet, "awaiting PE decision" may mean that the AE/ME has had a look at the paper and for various reasons decided not to send it for peer review and has referred this decision to the PE/EIC, and is awaiting their (final/next) decision.

Given that it has been two months, you should probably hear from them soon. However, we suggest following up with them before the main holiday season begins, else it is likely you’ll hear from them only sometime mid-January.

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