Q: What does being 'Under Editor Evaluation' for a week mean?

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After two days of being 'Under Review,' the status of my manuscript changed to 'Under Editor Evaluation,' and has remained so for a week. What does it mean? Is it going to get rejected?

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When you say that your manuscript was ‘Under Review’ for only two days, we assume you mean it went to ‘Under Review’ soon after submission. If so, and if it has now moved to ‘Under Editor Evaluation,’ it means that the journal thinks the manuscript may not work for them, either because of some issue with the research or the paper or if there’s no/low scope match. In case of the latter, and in case this is a big publisher, they may refer you to a sister journal (another journal from the same publisher) that offers a better scope match. Even if it’s a reject, at times, it may not be an outright reject but a reject-and-resubmit decision. As you can see, you do have some cause for hope. So, you should wait to hear from them before considering your next actions.

Now, in case it’s a reject, you may find the following resources helpful for future submissions:

Hope that helps. All the best for the next stage(s)!