Q: What does "indication of figures and tables" mean?

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Thanks for your support in advance. I am about to submit my paper and I have a question on journal guidelines. In my paper, there are figures and according to them I am supposed to take apart figures from the main text and place them separate. Among files I should upload there are ‘Main text’ and between references there are "Indication of Figures and Tables" I wonder I should put my figure file to "Indication of Figures and Tables" or I need to make a separate file for figures and just ‘indicate’ that my figures in the file I newly created. I guess just my understanding is not enough to make the instruction clear. What does "Indication of Figures and Tables" mean? Please help me out.

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If it is clearly mentioned that tables and figures should be separated from the main text, you should do so. Most journals these days ask for tables and figures to be uploaded as a separate file. The “indication of figures and tables” section should just contain the a list mentioning the tables and figures that you have used. You should list the figures sequentially with the figure number and caption for each figure. Here is an example of how you can write this section:

Indication of figures and tables

Figure captions

Figure 1.      Study period 1 (Day 1-5): Symptoms of patients suffering from XXX syndrome  

Figure 2.      Study period 2 (Day 6-15): Symptoms of patients suffering from XXX syndrome  

Figure 3.      Study period 3 (Day 15-30): Signs of recovery in patients suffering from XXX syndrome