Q: What does it mean if the paper status doesn't change from "required reviews completed" for 10 days for a special issue submission?

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I submitted a paper to a journal’s special issue after being short listed and invited for contribution based on a proposal and workshop. The status of the paper has been “required reviews completed” for 10 days. Could this mean the paper is being considered for revisions? There are 3 guest editors handling the special issue.

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Thank you for your question, dear author. I don’t believe you have anything to worry about right now. “Required reviews completed” essentially means that the minimum number of reviews required by the journal are completed. It does not mean that the journal editors have gone through the reviews yet. This status could also mean that editors have called for additional reviews, which is also common. It is normal for the submission to remain in this stage for about two to three weeks as the editors make their decision or call for additional reviews. After the editors have gone through all reviews you can expect to receive communication regarding revision or acceptance. If you don’t hear back or see a status change after three weeks, you can go ahead and reach out to the journal to inquire about the status.  

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I hope you find this information useful. Good luck with your paper!