Q: What does it mean Under review to reviewers assigned?

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Respected Sir/Mam, I submitted a paper to a Springer journal about 2 months ago. Since last one month, the online tracking system has been showing "reviewers assigned" as the current status. A week before status date only updated but current status remains same. Could you possibly tell me how long I should wait for that status before sending a reminder mail.

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When reviewers are invited by the journal editor, the status is changed to 'Reviewers Assigned' or 'Invited Reviewers' and as soon as the reviewers agree to review the manuscript, the status is changed to 'Under Review'. It is indeed a stressful time and the obsessive need to constantly check updates makes it worse. Generally it takes 4 to 8 weeks or even more for an initial decision by the journal. This process depends on several factors and varies from journal-to-journal. As it’s been only a month since the status 'Reviewers Assigned' was updated, we recommend you to be patient and wait for the review process to begin and get completed. You may consider following up with journal after a month if still the status is not changed to 'Under Review'. To answer your query on change in status date—each time reviewer comments are added to the database and/or whenever the editor checks this database, the date is updated; however, the status will not change unless the process is completed. For more information on the journal decision making process, see

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