Q: What does the Editor Assigned status mean for a recently submitted manuscript?

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I have a return [notification] from an Elsevier journal requiring a moderate revision. On the submission date, my paper was in the With Editor status, and remained so for one week. Presently, the status is Editor Assigned. What does this mean?

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The With Editor and Editor Assigned statuses often mean the same. However, at times, there can be a slight difference between them. In this case, Editor Assigned means, as the name suggests, that an editor has been assigned to your manuscript. With Editor means that your manuscript is/was with the editor undergoing the initial journal review. It seems the editor has some familiarity or expertise with the topic of your paper and felt that it needs some preliminary changes before it can be sent for peer review. (This does happen with some journals.) That’s why the status has moved from being with the editor for their review (signified by With Editor) to presently just being assigned to them (signified by Editor Assigned), as the manuscript is now with you for revision.

Hope that helps. If still not sure, you may of course check with the editor.

Now, to help you with the revision, you may find it useful to refer to this resource: How to respond to a "revise and resubmit" decision from a journal

All the best for your revision and resubmission!