Q: What does the 'Revision' status mean for a journal?

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I submitted a revised paper. After the status 'Awaiting reviewer scores,' the status changed to 'Revision,' and the status is still active. I don't understand what this means.

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It’s not entirely clear by your query whether these were the statuses before you submitted the revised paper or after. Typically, these are the statuses, respectively, for when the paper is in peer review (‘Awaiting reviewer scores’) and after (‘Revision’). So, if you mean these are the statuses after submitting the revised paper, that’s unusual. However, if you mean the statuses haven’t changed since you received the revision request, that could mean that the journal hasn’t yet updated the status in their system. In either case, if you wish to be entirely clear, you may write to the journal requesting a clarification.

For more help with statuses, you may find this handbook useful: A guide to understanding journal statuses

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For now though, all the best for the next on your paper!